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Training for Portland

March 26, 2013

Another cold day for a ride. I check for body warmth, fill my water bottle, stash a banana in my back pocket, keeping it separate from the phone and the cash. Outside I mount the Garmin device on the bike and feel the cold air whip my face. I roll down the hill and think about how far I’ll go into the forest.

For the third month in a row these morning rides have been cold or wet, or a combination of the two.

Driven by a need to put ‘miles in the legs’, I have pressed on through this long winter and I’m not sure it’s getting any easier. Hills are still hard to ride up, I can’t always keep up with the leaders on the weekend rides and I find it a challenge in the cold to ride that little bit further.

 I have supplemented these training rides with a Saturday morning British Military Fitness class, where snow or blizzard don’t interfere with the instructors’ training regime.

I’m hoping for a milder climate and pleasant riding once we arrive in Portland, in just over 3 weeks time.