Portland to Burkina Faso

Twelve months ago I set off on a 3 month cycle journey across the USA, enjoying magnificent scenery, quiet roads, favourable weather and the camaraderie of a dozen other cyclists. We would raise £130,000 for our chosen charities, one of which was Article 25.

This week I am preparing for a journey to Burkina Faso to photograph a school, designed and  built by Article 25 with assistance from Giving Africa.  I received a briefing email today about vernacular architecture in Burkina Faso and advice on etiquette, conducting business, greeting people and the exchanging of pleasantries. It’s a more welcome read than the bulletins from the FCO that advise against all travel in certain areas. And then there’s the notes about Plasmodium falciparum, the most dangerous form of malaria.

I’m packing and repacking equipment; lights, batteries, stands, tripods and cereal bars. Lunch may not be easy to source, so I will be reliant on the Clif bars that were our staple on the Portland to Portland ride.Image 

One Response to “Portland to Burkina Faso”

  1. David Taylor Says:

    Good luck Grant. And stay healthy!

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