From Wren to Rogers Photo Walk

The Wren to Rogers Open City walk was attended by only 5 people, though I expected 13 participants, but the smaller number made it much easier to speak to everyone and get to know them over the 3 hour period of the walk.

The walk takes in 2 delightful and rewarding buildings by Eric Parry Architects, 5 Aldermanbury Square and 60 Threadneedle Street. 5 Aldermanbury Square is a successful assimilation into the context of London Wall and Wood Street. It is as successful in the location as Alban Gate is crude and lumpen. Tapering towards the top of the building, its unusual shape gives the building a light transparent feel. Stainless steel cladding reflects onto the street below, and is in marked contrast with the wooden shuttering finish on the concrete at ground level.

Another Eric Parry building that delivers a treat is 60 Threadneedle Street. This understated and often overlooked building is a delight. The building reception is currently playing host to an exhibition of photographs by Nick RochowskiImage. At the rear the black frame and dichraoic glazing of the elevation on Throgmorton Street is in marked contrast to the gloom of Angel Court’s brown granite cladding. A dark corridor that spans the passageway between 60 Threadneedle and the old Stock Exchange (owing to the instability of the windows on the OSE), leads to Threadneedle Street, and a fine vista of the Royal Exchange is framed by the reception of 60 Threadneedle. The wavy glass on this elevation provides a great foil to the classicism of William Tite’s Royal Exchange.

These walks are conducted on a regular basis, please check the Open City website for details.

4 Responses to “From Wren to Rogers Photo Walk”

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  4. realdelboy Says:

    I learned so much both technically & historically on the tour I went on with open city tour, I wholly recommend it, and will book up soon to go on one his other tours, thanks for advice and great night shoot.

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